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Consumers of today’s furniture stores are looking for something unique. They are choosing pieces that are more environmentally friendly and are locally sourced. We supply a large selection of modern and traditional Canadian made furniture. Not many Canadian furniture stores have the selection you’ll find here. Choose your wood, stain colour, finish, handles, hardware and other accessories.

Helpful Showroom Staff

We have a lot of furniture to choose from, not to mention all the finishing options! We carry Canadian furniture that may not be in the showroom at the time of your visit. How, then, are you to find that perfect piece of solid wood furniture? You needn’t worry because our helpful showroom staff will guide you in your search.

Furniture Delivery Service

Moving furniture is not easy, especially large pieces like dressers, bunk beds, or a kitchen table. You could call in a favour from a few friends, hire a delivery company…or just leave it to us! That’s right, we can do it all for you! Your part is to choose the perfect room for it to go in.

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